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I love meditation.

I meditate twice a day.

I love the daily practice of meditation and the powerful soft way it nurtures the growth of awareness, stillness, and compassion.

My guided meditation kits, seasonal stone assemblages, and talismans are inspired by my love of meditation and my continual wonder of the natural world. 

Handmade and Reiki blessed, each piece is created to nurture, connect, and inspire you. 

Chakra Meditation

Chakra, Root Chakra, Meditaton, Garnet, Tourmaline, Selenite, Crystals

Chakra Stones with Guided Meditation

Created to cleanse, renew, and empower your chakras. 

Hand stamped cotton pouch containing:

  • Four stones

  • Chakra attributes

  • Metaphysical properties of stones

  • Guided Meditation

Seasonal Stones

Iolite, Selenite, Moonstone, Poetry, Winter

Seasonal Stone Assemblages

Created to usher in and connect you to the energy of each season. 

Vintage tin containing:

  • Three stones

  • Original poem

  • Gift wrapped with silk and natural wood altar.

Stone Talisman

Talisman, crystals

Stone Talisman

Practice Mindfulness | Cultivate Awareness

Talisman Materials:

  • Stone designs are ONE OF A KIND no two are alike

  • 2 stones (to hold or display) 

  • stone beads hand-sewn 

  • vintage kimono silk

  • antique linen

  • Printed card with stone metaphysical properties

Talismans themes:

  • willpower | action

  • balance | flow

  • transition |change

  • compassion | self-love

  • stillness | peace

  • acceptance | freedom

  • connectivity | higher-self

  • synchronicity | passion

  • empowerment | self-worth

  • manifestation

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