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Chakra Kits

You and Your Brilliant Body

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We are physical and energetic beings, and as such we need to love, nourish, and celebrate both our physical and energetic bodies. 

The chakras are a unique way to understand and work with our energetic body—to help heal, restore, and revitalize. Each chakra has it’s own domain within the body, influencing and affecting nerve bundles, organs and glands in the areas where they are located, as well as influencing and affecting emotional states. 


To feel and understand our physical body we use our mind and our five senses to interact and gain input from world around us. 


To feel and understand our energetic body, we use our breath and our heart to connect and go inward. The breath is intricately linked with our energetic body, helping to regulate the flow of chi/prana/life force, and that is why so many practices work with the breath—it helps us to bring our brilliant body back into homeostasis—equilibrium, balance, peace. 

Chakra Kits with Guided Meditation

Nest | Nurture | Soar

Crystal kits and guided meditation to connect with your brilliant body 

Heart Chakra Kit

  Kits include:

  • 4 hand selected crystals 

  • 2 cards featuring original artwork, chakra attributes, metaphysical properties of the crystals, and a guided meditation working with the crystals

Earth Star Chakra Kit
Root Chakra Kit
Sacral Chakra Kit
Solar Plexus Chakra Kit
Heart Chakra Kit
Throat Chakra Kit
Third Eye Chakra Kit
Crown Chakra Kit
Soul Star Chakra Kit
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