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Love Feathers

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for love casting, wish making and gift giving

How to Love Cast with Love Feathers

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Love Casting is a beautiful way to send love through working with the elements of nature.

  • Simply write the name of someone or something (pet, plant, flower, tree, or anything else) you wish to send love to on the back of the feather and hang onto a tree branch near to where you may see it everyday.

  • Allow the feather to mix, mingle, and play with the elements as they nurture, purify, ignite, activate, and expand your love intention out into the world.


  • Throughout the day as the feather catches your attention, take a moment to close your eyes, connect and hold the name of that someone or something in your heart. 

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Kits include:

  • Four original die cut, cardstock paper feathers 

  • Four hanging ties

  • 4x6" card with printed directions for love casting

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LF Paper Package Greens.jpg
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LF Paper Package Pastels.jpg
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