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The Wonderland Project

Indigo Bunting

Over the past 20 years, I have looked, listened, smelled, touched, and felt my way through the four acres that hold my heart and home in Downeast, Maine. A home intimately shared with the heart of nature. A wonderland of life as it arises, exists, and dissolves. A place where the adventure of possibility is always ready to greet your first steps through the threshold of an old barn door. 

I have found company with over 90 species of birds that walk, fly, eat, sleep, and nest on these 4 acres.

I have photographed over 85 of them; this female Scarlett Tanager had flown into our barn.

Scarlett Tanager
Wildflower Maine

Old farmland dotted with wild apple, cherry, and plum trees, a vernal pond, fields of wildflowers and wild blueberry that run into woodland edges of old field stone covered in lichen and moss, mixing with fern, wild grape vines, blackberry, raspberry, and currant bushes, sugar maples, ash, poplar, balsam fir, spruce, and birch.

The Wonderland Project follows my ongoing adventures exploring the four acres I call home, and to whom all the flora and fauna, sun, moon and stars also call home. My adventure is one of the heart, seeking connection and company with all of life as it arises out of the darkness and into the light. 

Great Blue Heron

My heart is a child walking in Wonderland. Uninhibited, untethered, and boundless, it touches everything. Open to everything and everything in turn opens to it. To touch and play in the gossamers of grace that alight in the morning’s unfolding. To stitch the finest of gold threads through every layer of sound, sight, wind, light, leaf, flight that arises in the space around me. To sew my heart into the fabric of open adventure. To walk in Wonderland.

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