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Reiki is a Japanese, gentle, hands-on, energy healing technique and meditation practice that helps activate one’s vital energy and enhance the body’s natural, innate ability to balance and heal. 


Four Feathers Studio is Caroline Buttner's creative studio and healing space in Boston. 

  • I am a Reiki master practitioner, meditation guide, artist, and lover of the natural world. 

  • I have spent the last several years merging my spiritual life with my artistic life, shifting Four Feathers Studio's focus towards healing and self-realization. 

  • Clients in the greater Boston area may be seen in my East Boston home, where I have a beautiful Reiki room for treatments. I am also available for home and hospital visits.

  • Visit Four Feathers Studio's Etsy shop to browse and purchase guided meditation kits, hand selected crystals, talismans, watercolor paintings, and photography prints.

  • All of my artwork is influenced by my daily meditation practice, Gendai Reiki Ho practice, and is inspired by my interaction and continual wonder of the natural world. 

  • I create art to nurture, connect, and inspire. Be in love--with everything.

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